2011 NBA Draft Review

Kahn gets an attaboy for this draft. Or a B+ depending on how you want to put it. He may be James Brown of GM's at this draft. So lets break it down.

2. Derrick Williams A+
The T-Wolves had three choices with this pick. 1. draft Williams who along with Randolph, Love, and Beasley creates an insane four man logjam at the 3-4; 2. Trade the pick probably not for equal value since A. trading back in an already weak draft that doesn't have shooting guards or centers is a bad idea, and B. everyone knows you are trying to avoid a logjam; 3. Draft Kanter who is a less skilled version of Al Jefferson and by teaming him with Love destroying your interior defense for years to come.

So yeah its the right pick. Kahn worked the phones like a madman to find a good trade, and probably had the best discussions with the Lakers (they offered Odom/70cents, and we wanted Bynum/90cents). The result is that in the next year the Wolves will trade one of the four in their logjam and I would put money on Beasley and/or Randolph.

20. Trade the pick, Flynn for future stuff, 2nd rounders, and Brad Miller B
Its real clear that Kahn decided that the T-Wolves did not need more young players tying up roster spots that vets could take. More of the reasoning on Flynn can be found in his podcast with the Sports Guy on Grantland.com. Kahn is right. Flynn isn't going to play and won't gain in value, so its worthless to keep him. The only move here is to draft a foreigner and stash them for a few years. Unfortunately all the decent foreign prospects were gone since this draft was so damn weak. Miller's a decent vet who will see little time on the Wolves since he is recovering from an injury (contract is insured meaning he doesn't cost money). The future 1st and 2nd rounders are awesome since they are delayed but should have equal or greater value than the 20 pick was originally. Also the subsequent trades made LOTS of cash, which can be used to keep ticket prices down, payoff Rambis, etc.

43. Malcolm Lee B
So its clear that Kahn was looking for a shooting guard, but not a shooting guard/small forward like Martell, Lazar, or Wes. In between 20 and 43 one was taken Marshon Brooks. Marshon is a good player, best called a poor-man's Kobe at the collegiate level (best at iso plays, doesn't pass, some attitude problems, decent defender). So what is Malcolm Lee. He is point guard/shooting guard which is something we don't have the team. He has an awesome wingspan and is a good defender. He is a type of player that the Wolves don't have on their roster. Moreover Kahn had 6 or so chances to draft him and at 43 finally couldn't resist.

57. Tanguy Ngombo F
This pick will probably be nullified as Tanguy may have lied about his age and is not eligible for the draft since he is supposedly 26. Moreover at 26 he would not be a rising young prospect, but a mediocre talent hitting his prime. In the end who cares its the 57th pick, and we were just going to stash him in Europe for a year or two.

Draft 2011

So its that time again. First of all, for the third year in a row I will be joining the Sinister Dr. at the Target Center to observe the festivities. This means that the world will be saved my immediate rantings as the draft occurs.

That said I will return to my house, and once home the ranting will begin. I am hoping for a gigantic lovefest, but this draft is destined for clusterfck territory.

Timberwolves draft #2, and the best two players are a point guard (Irving), and a small/power forward (Williams). With Rubio, Love, Randolph, and Beasely those spots are at max capacity. The ideal scenario is to trade out of the spot, or draft Williams and trade Love/Randolph/Beasely elsewhere (preferably B-Easy). However what do you get is the next question, and what I have been hearing is a lot of suck.

Timberpuppies also draft around 20 which means the late first rounder can also be fun.

So here is what I want:
Derrick Williams at 2. Don't trade it, trade the other players. I describe him as a less crazy B-Easy. Isn't that an upgrade?
Trade B-Easy to somewhere to move up and get Bismack Biyombo. I want to watch him lay the Bismack on people.
At 20 I like Faried who is a rebounding machine. If he is our backup PF/center we will never lose the rebounding battle. That said he would probably do better to go to another team. I also like Selby from Kansas, and I have a soft spot for Tyler the kid who has been wandering the Earth like Caine on Kung Fu.

I also am OK with trading K-Love and his special sauce. You have to get something good, but his lack of versatility makes building a roster really, really difficult. He can't be your center (too short). He can't guard the athletic 4's (too slow). He is a 4 that rebounds and scores efficiently. On a good team he will average 17 and 12. Now I expect an all star in return, but I am OK with it.

This day in Rocking Out 6-12-2011

Spent some time putting the ponies into their pen. We have enough ponies to turn into a disc.

The Norther disc is pretty sweet. I still haven't heard all of the new Arch Enemy or Alestorm discs.

However the Death Angel and Rapture Cabaret Discs rocked me hard.

This should be really awesome.

Annoying voices

There have been two lead singers who have ruined or nearly ruined bands for me.

1. Billy Corgan - God I hate his voice, but his guitar work is just too damn good to ignore. After much fight I finally approved.
2. M Shadows - He is the only thing keeping me from loving Avenged Sevenfold universally. The band is just amazing. Great songwriting, perfect playing. Hard rock done right with a singer whose voice is so nasally annoying that he ruins it all. Unlike the Pumpkins his voice is so bad it cannot be recovered from.

I guess my motives are different

The following review is for a 3rd edition gaming book given 1 of 5 stars on Amazon by at least one reviewer.

"While the book has tons of background info and storyline material, it lacks much in the applicability department. There is little here to interest the average player, the new races and prestige classes are rehashes of older material, or are so specific, it is unlikely anyone would get much use from them. I expected new subraces, prestige classes and feats - and got a few hundred pages of story. For the price, it's just not worth what you get."

Essentially, this book is awesome. Stupid awesome. Its usability will last through many, many editions of D&D.